Mold Removal Tips- Should I Be Worried About This Mold?

Mold Removal Tips- Should I Be Worried About This Mold?

The presence of any type of mold in your home can be extremely alarming and unpleasant,
but it is important to keep in mind that there are some types of mold that are more dangerous
than others. There are, however, some types of mold that can be hard to differentiate from one
another. In addition to our mold testing and consulting services, here at Sadie’s Pro Cleaning,
we are able to identify the different types of mold in your home and how to treat them.


In the same way that nearly all molds tend to show up in high moisture areas such as
bathrooms, basements, or walls that have been leaking, white mold is a collection of a number
of different fungal species. This mold, like many other molds, is characterized by its ability to
damage structural integrity and its ability to grow by eating wood as a food source. It is most
dangerous for people with asthma to be exposed to this mold because it has many effects on
the respiratory system, including infection. It is important to note that white mold can
sometimes be mistaken for salt buildup. If that is the case, you can test it by spraying the area
with a small amount of water and if it dissolves, It’s a salt build-up. It is therefore important that you contact someone like Sadie’s Pro Cleaning as soon as possible so that it can be tested as soon as possible.


In contrast to other kinds of mold, orange mold usually has a distinct appearance and texture.
This kind of mold is usually slimy and spongy in texture. In most cases, it begins to appear as
spots before it fully grows, so if you notice this spotting early on, get in touch with Sadie’s Pro Cleaning in Hamden, CT, so we can handle it before it becomes a bigger problem. Even though it is generally not considered to be a serious health threat, it is not completely harmless. It is
still possible for people with a high sensitivity to mold to experience complications such as allergic reactions, coughing, and skin rashes among many others even when they have a high sensitivity to mold.


Known as black mold, stachybotrys chartarum begins as a greenish-black spot. Just like with
orange mold, the early detection of this spotting is crucial to ensure it does not grow into a
serious problem. Black mold needs moisture in order to continue to grow. It is found mainly on
fiberboard and drywall surfaces. Considering that it depends heavily on moisture, you are more
likely to find it in places that have been flooded or have leaky pipes because of its dependency
on moisture. In the event that you observe this type of mold, or any type of mold, in your
home, monitor your respiratory health very closely.

Need Sadie’s Pro Cleaning?

Professional mold testing services will prove to be well worth the cost of a home mold test kit
because they can provide a higher level of comprehensiveness than a home mold test kit can. A
mold test professional, such as those at Sadie’s Pro Cleaning, will be able to assess your home and assist you in creating a plan to mitigate any mold growth that is present in your home. In order to make sure that you are breathing easier, you need to hire an air quality expert like Sadie’s Pro Cleaning. Contact us as soon as possible if you have any questions or if you need our help to get your home back to normal.