The Dangers of Ignoring Mold

The Dangers of Ignoring Mold

When you find out that you have mold growing in your home or business, or even worse, you may find yourself ignoring it, and Sadie’s Pro Cleaning understands how difficult it can be. In addition, we are aware that neglecting mold growth can result in long-term, long-lasting consequences not only on your property but also on your own health and well-being. We are here at Sadie’s Pro Cleaning to make sure you do not have to suffer from the effects of mold that lingers and grows on your property.

Mold Side Effects

There are a number of symptoms of mold that cannot always be seen with the naked eye, so if you, or anyone else on the property, demonstrates any of these symptoms, you should be aware. Having more severe reactions to mold exposure, particularly if one has allergies that are aggravated by the mold, such as a sore throat, excessive coughing, irritation to the eyes and skin, wheezing, etc., can be caused by mold exposure. Moreover, if you have a history of lung diseases or any type of compromised immune system, you need to exercise caution when it comes to exposure to mold, as infections can lead to serious health problems. When an individual has a healthy immune system and asthmatic condition, he or she may experience coughing and wheezing, while those with a compromised immune system and asthma may experience exacerbated symptoms as well.

Black Mold

We know that black mold contains mycotoxins that can adversely affect your health, so we are experts at removing it. Despite the fact that all molds can cause health problems, black mold produces mycotoxins. The spores of black mold must travel through the air in order to form colonies in order to grow. Even the healthiest people may develop negative symptoms and even mycotoxicosis, which is the result of mold poisoning. Those with asthma or other pre-existing conditions may experience flu-like symptoms as a result of black mold poisoning.

Black mold can also be found on paper, fiberboard, and dust, but it is commonly confused with green-black mold. As well as being harmful, it can spread quickly if it gets exposed to excess moisture from leaks, floods, or condensation. Sadie’s Pro Cleaning can identify the type of mold you are dealing with and take the necessary steps to remove it completely and quickly from your home or business in Hamden, CT.

When It’s Time to Contact a Professional

If you have any mold-related questions, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As we understand that not everyone has the time and know-how to completely remove mold from a home or business, we’ve put together a team of experts who can guide you through the process and remove mold quickly and professionally. We serve many areas around Fort Myers, FL, and Hamden, CT. You can contact us for a mold removal estimate free of charge if you believe that you have a mold problem on your property. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.