Sadie’s Professional Cleaning Services offers many services in Sanibel, FL including, but not limited to, crime scene cleanup, biohazard cleanup, water damage restoration, mold removal, and sewage cleanup.

Sadie’s Professional Cleaning Services holds ourselves to an extremely high standard for each and every one of our services that we provide in Sanibel, FL. We take our time when hiring our team to find the best technicians. Some of our credentials here at Sadie’s Professional Cleaning Services are being a 100% woman-owned business, licensed biomedical waste transporters, COVID-19 certified, and more.

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When you think of a trauma scene cleanup you may think of the traditional movie scene with a major investigation and many police officers flooding into a crime scene in Sanibel, FL. The unfortunate truth is many crime scene cleanups are due to people who have passed from natural causes or potentially a suicide, requiring a suicide cleanup. Let us take care of cleaning after your traumatic experience with our extensively trained professionals.

Biohazard Cleanup In Sanibel, FL

Biohazards can come in many forms, but we are the experts in Sanibel, FL. We know at Professional Cleaning Services that a biohazard is anything that may pose risk to you or other inhabitants of your home. These may come from overflows of your toilet, an incident causing exposure to blood, animals infesting your home or business, or more innocuous biohazards like unseen mold or fungus.

Water Damage Restoration in Sanibel, FL

In anyone’s life it is common to need some form of water damage cleanup. This can take place after a storm, a leaky pipe, damage to your roof, or any number of other water damages. Water removal is often the first step after any of the occurrences to avoid permanent structural damage or mold growth in a home or business. We are experts in water damage restoration in the Sanibel, FL area. Once we contain the initial water damage, we’ll be sure to check your home for any areas of potential water pockets to protect against growth of mold and further damage to your property.

Mold Removal in Sanibel, FL

While mold remediation can be an unpleasant process, it is important to maintain the structure of your home or business and prevent respiratory issues for those in the building. Sadie’s Professional Cleaning Services is the Sanibel, FL expert in mold clean up. Whether you are concerned with small instances of mold or in need of more extreme assistance, like black mold removal, let us help you get your property back to normal.

Water Damage Restoration by Sadie's Pro Cleaning

Sewage Cleanup in Sanibel, FL

If you experience a sewage issue, understand this can be a dangerous and unsanitary job. It’s vital to bring in a company like Sadie’s Professional Cleaning Services in Sanibel, FL who are expertly trained and have professional experience dealing with issues like sewage backup cleanup.

Need Assistance?

Sadie’s Professional Cleaning Services in Sanibel, FL is here for many of the messy moments in life that you may not want to or be able to deal with. If you’re ever in need of our services, contact us right away at (203) 350-9464 or by emailing us at [email protected].

About the city of Sanibel, FL

Sanibel is a city and an island in Lee County, Florida, in the United States. Sanibel beaches draw visitors from all over the world, thanks in part to the abundance of seashells that wash up on the beaches. There are also a lot of sand dollars to be found.