Mold Removal

If your Do It Yourself methods aren’t working, Sadie’s Pro Cleaning is your one stop shop for finally eradicating your mold clean up issues. If you need any service from regular mold clean up to black mold removal, Sadie’s Pro Cleaning is the service for you.

There are many possible causes and solutions to mold remediation. Typically, the first step is to assess the moisture of the affected area. Mold tends to grow in areas exposed to extreme moisture and finding the origin of the moisture can help prevent further development of mold growth, preventing you from requiring any more mold clean up. 

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It’s important to remember that the moisture that causes mold is not always obvious. Mold can begin growing invisibly in all of your home’s usual surfaces such as drywall, furniture, wood, tile, insulation, fabrics, and more. If you suspect there is mold in any of these surfaces it may be time to speak to a mold remediation service such as Sadie’s Pro Cleaning.

Mold removal specialists know that one of the major causes of moisture is pipe or faucet leaks. It’s imperative that if you notice you have any leaks in an area where you are experiencing mold growth that you have the leak fixed. 

While you may feel helpless in these times, there are steps you can take to help a mold removal team get you the best results. First and foremost, document everywhere you have noticed mold or excess moisture. This is vital information for the mold clean up process. 

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It may feel overwhelming to handle a mold problem, but these are some simple steps you can take to get started:

  • If you have any water leaks that you can solve without a mold remediation team in Hamden, CT & Florida fix those first.
  • If you have a specific area that has been contaminated, try to isolate the area. Close the door and seal the openings.
  • If you have any items that may absorb and maintain moisture, remove those items from the contaminated area to assist with the mold clean up.
  • If you have materials that are covered in, or are producing mold, discard them in a plastic bag. It is generally recommended that the bags are at least 6 Mil thick. You should disinfect the outside of the bag once you have inserted the infected item. Once you have disinfected the bag you can dispose of the item in your regularly used trash can. Be mindful that you may want to take extreme care in the case of black mold removal or opt to call a mold remediation specialist.
  • Some steps are tried and true, a simple visual test can help you understand the state of your mold removal status. If you don’t see visible or notice any olfactory indications you may not have any reason for concern.

Once you’ve had a mold remediation service in Hamden, CT & Florida be sure to stay vigilant, and if you’re ever unsure of your mold status reach back out to Sadie’s Pro Cleaning to make sure your issue hasn’t persisted or returned. Contact us right away to get started with your mold removal services.

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