Sadie Marshall: Cleaning Homes to A&E Spotlight

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Sadie Marshall: Cleaning Homes to A&E Spotlight

Sadie Marshall embarked on her entrepreneurial journey when she established a commercial and residential cleaning company in New Haven, Connecticut. She was determined to get her IIRC certification, which ultimately proved helpful when the Covid-19 pandemic swept the nation. She transformed her ordinary cleaning business into a Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleaning Business and quickly established herself as a formidable figure in her industry.

Throughout the pandemic, Sadie’s business saw immense growth as she and her team tackled home disinfection/cleaning of Covid-19. Despite the heartbreaking scenes they encountered with homes filled with the deceased and medical facilities with people hooked up to ventilators, Sadie chose to focus on the positives. She helped those grieving find comfort and solace in a clean home where they could begin processing their grief.

The Unexpected Call

It was in the midst of this intense and emotionally charged work that Sadie received a life-altering phone call. Blast Films from the United Kingdom contacted her through Facebook, expressing their interest in potentially featuring her on a show. Naturally, Sadie initially assumed it was spam, but a link to their previous performances and films piqued her curiosity. After much deliberation, she took a leap of faith and agreed to a Zoom meeting to discuss the opportunity further.

During the meeting, Blast Films explained their vision for a new show – an extreme cleaning and hoarders program from the perspective of biohazard cleaners. Though they emphasized that the chances of the show going to air were slim, they saw something unique in Sadie Marshall and her company’s branding. Her raw and authentic approach intrigued and impressed them, which set her apart from others in the industry. Eager to pursue this unexpected turn of events, Sadie agreed to participate in interviews and questionnaires throughout the year.

The Contract and Obstacles

Deeply rooted in faith and armed with an unshakeable conviction, Sadie embarked on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The executive producer made a life-changing phone call as if destiny were aligning its stars, presenting Sadie with a contract and extending an invitation to star in Dirty Rotten Cleaners.

Of course, some legalities followed, but Sadie tackled them head-on. Determined, she created Her new location in Florida. However, she missed the first month of filming. The producers were so impressed that they extended the allowed filming period to another month. This extended filming period allowed for unfiltered storytelling, showcasing the raw talent and resilience of Sadie’s Marshall cleaning team.

The result? Pure magic. Dirty Rotten Cleaners captured the hearts of millions while also bringing profound positive changes to Sadie’s company, Sadies Pro Cleaning. Their shared commitment to quality service and genuine care won the loyalty of new clients far and wide.

An Amazing Experience

Filming for Dirty Rotten Cleaners proved to be a remarkable experience. The tight budget extended the filming schedule, but the show’s positive reception was overwhelming. Viewers and colleagues alike praised Sadie’s professionalism, expertise, and captivating presence, making her a respected leader in the cleaning industry.

Sadie Marshall’s journey from a residential and commercial cleaning business to a prominent figure A&E’s Dirty Rotten Cleaners is awe-inspiring. Her relentless dedication and expertise have elevated her company and shone a spotlight on the extraordinary individuals shaping the cleaning industry. As you read about Sadie’s incredible journey, let it ignite a newfound appreciation for unsung heroes, like Sadie,

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