Drugs can cause acute and chronic illnesses and even death. There is also a risk for explosion and fire. Chemicals used to make drugs leave a hazardous residue that is formed during the cooking process that contaminates a structure. It may also affect your plumbing, HVAC system, yard, well, and septic tank. Meth use can leave residue contamination throughout a home’s interior. Sadies Pro Cleaning specializes in the safe removal and proper disposal of drug biohazards.


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Drug lab decontamination is a critical process that ensures the safety and well-being of individuals and the environment. When it comes to disposing of hazardous materials and contaminated debris, adherence to relevant laws is paramount. Biohazard technicians in Hamden, CT tackle this task with precision and expertise. Equipped with modified equipment and a specially formulated chemical. Sadies Pro Cleaning Mitigates and decontaminates all surfaces within the structure. Transitioning seamlessly from one area to another, these technicians’ scrub, rinse, and sanitize with meticulous care. By employing this process, they successfully rid the environment of any potential harm, giving way to a cleaner and safer space for all.

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