Sadie’s Pro Cleaning is The Best Crime Scene Cleaning Service in Connecticut and Florida

Sadie’s Pro Cleaning is The Best Crime Scene Cleaning Service in Connecticut and Florida

Is Sadie’s Pro Cleaning the Best Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning Service?

Yes, they are. let me tell you why. Sadie’s Pro Cleaners are experts in cleaning.

They have years of experience and a great eye for detail. One client left a review saying,

“They did a wonderful job cleaning up a suicide that happened with one of my tenants at my apartment complex.”

Why should You choose Sadie’s Pro Cleaning Services?

Have you seen their business Facebook page? They have a 5-star rating.

Sadie’s Pro Cleaning has a stellar 5-star rating on Google and a knack for extreme cleaning, specifically in crime scene and hoarding cleanup, Sadie’s Professional Cleaning Services stands out as a top-tier cleaning company in the industry.

Sadie’s Crime Scene Cleaning Services are Awesome Because You Don’t Have to Lift a Finger

Nobody should go near a Crime Scene unless you are a Certified Professional. Sadie’s Professional Cleaning Services LLC is an IICRC Certified FIRM for Trauma & Crime Scene Cleanup.  They are fully licensed, Insured, and bonded.

Looking for a company that can help with your cleaning needs?

Outside of Crime Scene Cleaning and Biohazard. Sadies Pro Cleaning offers COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection, ensuring that your space is clean and safe from any potential exposure. Additionally, we also specialize in Hoarding Cleanup, Animal Hoarding, Bug Infestation, and Demolition Cleanup.

We understand that cleaning up can be a difficult and emotional process, which is why we also offer services for Squalor – Beyond Hoarding, Unattended Death Cleanup, Murder Scene Cleanup, Homicide Cleanup, Mass Shooting Cleanup, and Blood Spill Cleanup.

In addition to these specialized services, we also offer regular cleaning services such as Junk Removal, Blood Borne Pathogen Cleanup, Mice Infestation & All Animal or Human Feces Removal, and Dead Animal Removal & Proper Disposal.

We pride ourselves on providing top-quality services and take every step to ensure proper sanitation & disinfection. This includes Specialized Antiviral Cleaning, EPA Registered & Approved Antimicrobial Electrostatic or ULV Fogging, EPA Registered & Approved Antimicrobial Disinfectant Hand Spray & Wipe All Surfaces, Fentanyl & Methamphetamine Drug Decontamination, Bed Bug Infestation Cleanup, Roach Infestation Cleanup, Biomedical Waste Transporters, and Confirmed Case of COVID-19 Decontamination and Disinfection.

No matter what your cleaning needs are, we are here to help. Visit our website at Crime Scene Cleanup Experts | Sadie’s Pro Cleaning (sadiesprocleaning.com) or give us a call to schedule a consultation today.

Sadie’s Professional Cleaning Services LLC is a 24-HOUR EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM! We answer calls 24 Hours a day and 7 days a week!

What other Cleaning Services do Sadie’s Pro Cleaners Specialize in?

As a professional cleaning company, Sadie’s Pro Cleaning offers a range of services that go beyond just tidying up your space. They specialize in Crime Scene Cleaning Services, which are essential in ensuring a safe and hygienic environment. Sadie’s Pro Cleaning provides outstanding Basement Cleaning and Professional Organization. We are a one-stop-shop for all your cleaning needs.

Additionally, We excel at Construction Cleanup, Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning, Hoarding Cleanup, Animal Hoarding Cleanup, and Death Related or Work Injury Related Cleanup. They understand the sensitive nature of these types of cleaning services and have the expertise to handle them professionally.

When Choosing Sadies Pro Cleaning for Crime Scene Cleaning

When you choose Sadie’s Pro Cleaning, you can rest assured that your space will be left spotless, and all hazardous materials will be disposed of safely and efficiently. Trust in the experts and give your home or workspace the deep clean it deserves.

Looking for professional cleaning services that offer a variety of specialized services? Look no further than Sadie’s Pro Cleaning! Their top-notch Crime Scene Cleaning Services are just the beginning; they also offer exceptional Basement Cleaning services with Professional Organization. Additionally, they specialize in Construction Cleanup, Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning, Hoarding Cleanup, Animal Hoarding Cleanup, and any Death or Work Injury Related Cleanup needs. With such a diverse range of expertise, you can trust Sadie’s Pro Cleaning to handle all of your unique cleaning needs with ease.

Sadie’s Professional Cleaning – Recently Awarded

Three Best Rated, recently Awarded Sadie’s Pro Cleaning as one of THE BEST TOP 3 CLEANING SERVICES in New Haven Connecticut

Top 3 Best Cleaning Services

Sadie’s Pro Cleaners Pay attention to ” The Details. “

Sadie’s Professional Cleaning Services has gifted employees who execute each job with pride!

They are extremely professional and understanding of the trauma that you’ve experienced!

All Crime Scene Cleaning Services are Not the Same

That’s right!

Every Crime Scene Cleaning Company doesn’t offer everything that Sadie’s Pro Cleaning does.

Other Crime Scene Cleaning businesses aren’t even licensed or insured leaving you at risk for a lawsuit or even theft!  And you better make sure that you check their general liability policy to ensure you are actually dealing with a Crime Scene Cleaning company that has full coverage for the job at hand.  Sadie’s Pro Cleaners are FULLY LICENSED, INSURED & BONDED and let’s not forget that they are Certified Professionals.

We’re the Connecticut first IIRC Certified firm.


Moreover, the owner Sadie holds the prestigious title of Certified Trauma & Crime Scene Technician with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). Sadie underscores her expertise in the field


Is TRUST Important to You?

Trust should be the number one factor in choosing a cleaning service.

Sadie and her employees are a TRUSTWORTHY Cleaning Service with an A- Rating on

The Better Business Bureau. They have never had any work related injury’s or employee theft!

Clients are Raving about Sadie and her Crews Outstanding Work!

Better Business Bureau

How can I find Sadie’s Professional Cleaning Services?

You can find Sadie’s Professional Cleaning Services on Google.

They effectively showcase the incredible transformation with an array of transition words, presenting FANTASTIC Before & After pictures and videos across all of their social media platforms

You can find Sadie’s Professional Cleaning Services on the Internet.


Sadie’s Pro Cleaning Facebook Page

Sadie’s Pro Cleaning Instagram Page

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